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Friday, December 4, 2020

7 Techniques to Use Your Lip Liner Like a Pro


No, using a lip liner before using lipstick isn't obligatory. However, it will assist your lipstick to look more stunning and make it last longer. However, doing it wrong will make your lips look awful. Hence, the most important thing is to find out how to use your lip liner the correct method. So, are you all set to get completely stained lips without any unclear edges? Here is your game-plan prepared. Just continue reading.

Start with lip balm
Using lip balm needs to be an integral part of your day-to-day lip care routine. Sweep the cream along your lips to smoothen and hydrate them before you use your lipstick. Attempt Kiss My Face Organic Lip Balm and quote goodbye to dry and chapped lips forever!

Keep the liner blunt.
Don't sharp your liner pencil to that weak point if you wish to prevent your line from looking abnormal. Keeping the lip liner point a bit blunt will help you draw a lining that can mix flawlessly with the lipstick.
Hold your liner right.
Makeup specialists advise holding liner pencil at 45 ° angle. Don't offer extreme pressure else; it will give you harsh lines. Keep the pressure minimum while wearing lip liner. Repeat brief strokes with a light hand 2-3 times.

Prepare a base

No, lip liner isn't just to line up your lips. Instead, utilize it to form a base for your lipstick. Spread the liner gently on lips to produce an ultra-thin layer of color. There are a couple of gains of this technique. Your lipstick will last longer. And your application won't look irregular.
Produce an 'X.'
Draw an 'X' right at the Cupid's bow using your lip liner. And extend the upper X lines towards the corners of your lips. Now create a tiny arc in the center of your bottom lip. Now draw lines from both ends of the angle such that it ends at the corner of your lip. This strategy will assist you in highlighting your Cupid's bow popularly. And it's a trick to that best sexy-looking pout!

The nude liner works best!
You might believe - there is no point in using lip liner if it has no visible color, however many of your favorite celebs are already rocking naked liners like a boss. A nude liner will not be visible, obviously, but it will help you avoid color bleeding and blur edges. What's more, when your lip color deteriorates, your lips won't be entrusted a line around the edges. Attempt L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner, Nudes for Life, or Maybelline New York City ColorSensational Lip Liner, Nude!
Cross the line for fuller-looking lips.

If you desire your lips to look fuller, draw the line somewhat outside its natural edges. The liner color must be matching the natural color of your skin.
You are ready to wear your lipstick now!

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